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What Does the S Mean In A Car?

Last Updated on May 29, 2023 by Thomas James

Do you know what each acronym on a car with many acronyms on the side means? For example, the gear is printed with letters, such as What Does The S Mean In A Car? What Does B Mean On The Gear Shifter? You now have it.

If you own a car, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that the gear shift has the letter S standing on it. And you might be wondering what that S stands for if you’re a rookie driver.

And yes, we are aware that some of you could argue that people should learn this during their driving instruction, but let’s be honest: when you start driving, it’s easy to forget certain trivial details!

For the same reason, you probably don’t know what the letters on your gear shifter stand for. So, we decided to do a quick guide to help you figure out what the letters on your gear shifter mean.

What Does the S Mean In A Car

What Does the S Mean In A Car?

Typically, “S” in an automobile refers to “Sport.” Because the S mode alters the sensitivity of your vehicle’s throttle response, sport mode in cars gives drivers a more dynamic driving experience.

As more fuel is fed into the cylinders than when utilizing the D (or Drive) mode, you will notice that your car’s RPM will increase more quickly than it often does.

The S mode in cars also prolongs the gear’s time in motion. It’s also good to know that the S mode will enable your engine’s loud rumbling sounds in addition to assisting you in achieving higher speeds.

Any driver will tell you that this finally makes driving that “roaring monster” feel much more sporty. On open highways, it is usually best to utilize the Sport mode because you need the extra power to pass the car in front of you.

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Depending on how much you throttle, the S mode will retain a particular gear. Paddle shifters may be included in some vehicles. When you switch your AT automobile to the S or Sport mode, those are the greatest to use.

Whether you like to upshift or downshift your vehicle, paddle shifters are often found behind the steering wheel.

So you’ve learned what the S/Sport setting in your automobile means and discovered that it doesn’t stand for Speed (as quite many people think).

How Do You Use the S Mode in Your Car?

We’ve outlined some preliminary procedures below that you should take into account before using your car’s Sport mode:

  • To prevent sudden accelerations, we advise every driver to utilize the Sport/S mode exclusively on open roadways, not in congested locations or when parking.
  • Change to the D mode first. You can drive as fuel-efficiently as possible by doing this. Find a road that is less hazardous for high-speed runs first.
  • You must first bring the gear selector down to the Sport mode before pressing the button to go to the S mode. The button you press to switch from P to D is the same as this.
  • Another thing to think about and remember is that if you want to return to N mode or D mode, you shouldn’t click the gear selector button! After utilizing the Sport mode, simply put it back into position. By doing this, you can avoid shifting into undesirable ratios like R and P, which could cause transmission damage. Positively, you will never have to worry about damaging your transmission again.

The Defined Meaning Of Additional Letters On Your Gear Shift

If you have a manual transmission vehicle, you’ll find that there are additional letters on the gear shift lever. It means that you will have to learn the meaning of these additional letters. The following list will explain the meanings of each letter:

P: Parking Mode

If you press this letter, your vehicle will remain in the park. To ensure maximum braking force, particularly in sloped regions, it is advised to always operate the vehicle in parking mode with the parking brake engaged.

R: Reverse Mode

This letter indicates that you are shifting into reverse.

N: Neutral Mode

Your gears aren’t linked to the engine when you’re neutral. It prevents your car’s wheels from being moved.

D: Drive Mode

To connect the transmission gears to the engine and turn your car’s wheels, you must be in drive mode.

B: Brake Mode

When you’re in brake mode, your vehicle’s brakes are engaged.

L: Low Gear Mode

If you’re in low gear, the transmission is disengaged.

Final Verdict

To sum up, you’ve now learned how to understand the meaning of the S mode in your vehicle. Knowing how to use the S mode in your car is very important. If you do not know how to shift your vehicle into the S mode, you will most likely damage your transmission. Thank you for reading. We would love to hear from you!

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