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How To Fix Written Mistake On Car Title When Selling Your Car?

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You may be covered when selling your car for your time. You’ve put a little work into making sure the car is in good working condition and that there are no problems with the title.

But you may also find a mistake on your title that needs to be fixed before you sell it. This blog will look at how to fix written mistakes on car titles when selling your car.

The title of your car is as important as the title of a home. It’s something that’s going to be shared with the public and a permanent part of your history. It’s not something that you want to worry about or have to fix. You should have a title ready to be sold at the time of purchase.

How To Fix Written Mistake On Car Title When Selling

How To Fix Written Mistake On Car Titles When Selling Your Car

When selling your car, you may think you have a good title. You’ve made sure that the car is in good condition and that it is safe to drive. But you may also find that there is a mistake in your title. It is something that needs to be fixed before you sell it.

You may need help finding a mistake in your title for several reasons. The most common is that there needs to be a correction in the registration. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Errors in Car Titles

While people intentionally make some title errors with nefarious motives, the vast majority are unintentional. Everything on a car title must be accurate because it is a legal document. The following are some examples of title mistakes:

  • The name of the buyer or seller is incorrectly spelled.
  • A title from another state.
  • The title is either signed incorrectly or in the incorrect location.
  • The title to the car was signed, but it was never transferred.
  • The sale date is erroneous.
  • The mileage on the odometer was incorrect.
  • A Duplicate Title

Errors in Title When You’re the Seller

When you are the seller, you should be sure that your title is in perfect condition. If there are any mistakes, they need to be corrected before selling the car. If you sell the car without a clean title, you may be required to pay for a new title or be charged with a crime. Any title errors you make when selling the vehicle may have legal responsibilities. Here are the most common mistakes that the seller may make:

The Seller Made An Error in the Title

The seller’s most common mistake is the incorrect spelling of the buyer’s or seller’s name. If the name is misspelled, the buyer or seller may be unable to transfer the title to the new owner. It is a big problem. It may even be a crime if you are the seller.

Make sure that the title is clean and that the registration is correct. You should also make sure that the odometer reading is accurate.


Only use white-out or cross something out if you make a mistake on your car title. Instead, go to the DMV and explain what occurred. You may be asked to pay a fee or fill out a form requesting that the DMV correct the error by issuing you a new title or noting the mistake with an official marking.

Wrong buyer Signature

The seller should make sure that the buyer’s signature is in the right place. The buyer should sign the title and place it in the correct location. The seller should ensure that the buyer signs on the line that says, “I have read and understand the following:” Whatever the case may be, the title now shows the wrong buyer’s name.


If the buyer’s signature is in the wrong place, the DMV will ask the buyer to sign again. The DMV will also return the title to the seller with a note asking the seller to correct the mistake.

Title Jumping

Title jumping is a title error that occurs when a person buys a car, but they do not have the title to the car. The buyer is purchasing the car, but the seller still needs to transfer the title.

It is an unlawful practice, and if you did not obtain a title when you purchased your car, you must title it in your name before selling it.


If you discover the vehicle you’re selling is still titled to the previous owner, the title was never transferred to you. Request that your local DMV fixes the problem. It is illegal to sell a vehicle registered in someone else’s name. It is referred to as title jumping.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I sell my car without a title?

No, you cannot sell a car without a title. It is illegal to sell a vehicle without a title.

What should I do if I find an error in my title?

You should go to the DMV to correct the error. You may be asked to pay a fee if the DMV has yet to issue a new title. If the DMV can correct the error, they will issue you a new title.

What happens if I need a clean title?

You may be charged with a crime if you don’t have a clean title. If you are the seller, you may be accused of title fraud.

Final Verdict

We hope you enjoyed our article on how to fix written mistakes on car titles when selling. We know that sometimes things happen and mistakes happen, but we want you to know there is a way to fix it if you experience an error on your car title! Thank you for reading. We appreciate your time and support!

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